Effective March 1, 2016, JET Group (JET Equipment & Tools Ltd., American Forge & Foundry Inc. and Sellstrom Manufacturing Co.), a leading supplier of tools, equipment and safety products, has rebranded the corporate identity to "SureWerx". The SureWerx name not only represents a change in our brand but also embodies a new brand promise to our distributors and to the end users of our products. Our product brands remain unchanged and will continue to take centre stage in all of our marketing and sales materials.

SureWerx as a parent brand is designed to tie all of our product brands together globally. This opens the door for further global expansion and allows our company to look beyond its traditional geographical markets.

"This is more than just a brand name change; this enhances our ability to deliver on our promise to our customer to always find a better way," said Chris Baby, President & COO, SureWerx. "Rebranding JET Group to SureWerx is another evolutionary step in our corporate culture, allowing us to integrate confidence and safety in all that we do."

SureWerx will build on all of the success that our company has achieved with our partner distributors, and accelerate it in new ways. The SureWerx message of confidence and safety will enable us to convert end users to our brands and, when combined with our excellent service, will deliver new business growth to our partner distributors.

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