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  • Covid-19 Business Update

    To Our Valued Customers, Levac Supply remains open to the general public, with curbside pick up as an option. We continue to adhere to strict polic...
  • Everyday Ways to Keep Your Family Safe from Covid-19

    Avoiding infection has become part of our everyday lives. Daily updates from the latest findings in research forces us to adjust how we go about ou...
  • COVID-19 Symptoms vs. Flu and Common Cold

    COVID-19 symptoms in comparison to the flu and the common cold. List of symptoms and how they differ from each other. Downloadable PDF for your convenience.
  • Covid-19 Business Update

    To Our Valued Customers,
    Levac supply in Kingston and Brockville continue to be open to the general public. We have implemented strict policies and protocols that we continue to abide by at each location.
  • Understanding Masks

    There are now a lot of face masks out there, both medical and non-medical. For guidance on non-medical masks, please see the following link to the ...
  • Not All Hand Sanitizers Are Created Equal

    At the beginning of the pandemic, anything to disinfect ones hands when soap and water were not around, was good. However, we now know that there a...
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