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Everyday Ways to Keep Your Family Safe from Covid-19

Avoiding infection has become part of our everyday lives. Daily updates from the latest findings in research forces us to adjust how we go about our day and what safety products we buy. There are a few things however, that have not changed as far as precautions. To simplify the daily habits we should be following, here they are:

Ensuring you always have a clean mask is the most important. Store clean masks by your front door, in your vehicle, and in your purse/bag. Make sure to have a paper or plastic bag handy to put your used masks in, or take it off your face when you get home and throw directly in the laundry.
Masks that are disposable should have the loops cut to avoid hurting any animals that may get in the garbage. Many of the disposable masks have ear loops that are easily ripped off with just your hands..
When washing and drying reusable masks, ensure to select the highest heat setting. If air drying, try putting the mask in direct sunlight.
*Ensure your reusable masks are also a minimum of 3 layers*

Hand Sanitizer
When purchasing hand sanitizer, check the label to ensure the alcohol content is at least 70% and that it is Health Canada approved. You can see the list of approved sanitizers here: https://www.canada.ca/en/health-canada/services/drugs-health-products/disinfectants/covid-19/hand-sanitizer.html
The easiest way to ensure you have it at all times is to carry a small flip-top bottle with you, and have a large refill container at home. Ensure to refill it as soon as it gets low.

Surface Disinfectants

Purchase a Health Canada approved disinfectant (link to list of approved products below). Ensure to have multiple spray bottles in your home and in your car. Disinfectant wipes are convenient for keeping in your vehicle and purse/bag, but are not always available due to shortages. Therefore, use a spray bottle with a washable rag and dispose in the laundry. Wash and dry on the highest heat setting. Reusable rags are essential to have incase there is a paper towel shortage (and are also more environmentally friendly). 

Diet & Lifestyle

Your lifestyle and diet are always important, but with the risk of Covid-19, your immune system really needs to be in tip-top shape. Getting all your nutrients, rest, and exercise should be part of your everyday routines.
For many people, working from home has become the norm. If you aren't working from home, it can be even more difficult to keep on top of your diet and lifestyle. As with masks and sanitizer, carry your vitamins/supplements to work with you. It can be difficult to eat everything your body needs and remembering to take vitamins when working 5 days a week, commuting, etc.
If working from home, try to keep your vitamins in the same spot where you will see them and be reminded to take them.
Try to go for a walk on your break, and do some stretching. 
The gyms may be closed, but working out from home has never been easier with many free online workout options.

See the following link for further information on preventing and protecting yourself from Covid-19:



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