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Made in Canada - Rousseau

Mr. André Rousseau founded Rousseau Metal Inc. in February 1950. In its early days, the company had five employees working in a 15,000 sq. ft. plant in
Saint-Port-Joli, Quebec.
Rousseau is known for made-to-order products, manufactured to meet the requirements of its customers, who were mainly both government and private sector businesses.
In 1960, the company wins the contract to make Canadian mailboxes. Contracts with the Canada Post Corporation and then Canada Post have continued for more than 50 years.

1984 is a turning point for Rousseau with the Bertolini project. This contract provided equipment storage for the US Navy, mainly involving the ""OT-400"" modular cabinet. This contract allowed Rousseau to start covering the private and government sectors in both Canada and the United States.

By 2000, Rousseau's business strategy was based on two major areas: product development and business development. The following 5 years were period of major investment in equipment such as powder coating, welding robots, cutting and punching units, and automatic bending units.



A second plant opened in 2018 to meet the current needs and future growth of the company while offering a desirable workplace for employees.

Located in the municipality of L'Islet, Quebec, the plant is light and airy, fitted with cutting-edge and ergonomic technology: everything has been designed to improve efficiency and the well-being of over 350 employees. The current period also sees the introduction of multiple specialized product lines: the RS Corner Workstation, TekZone Workstation Hutch, MultiTek Cart, Service Advisor Desk, R2V Vertical Storage System, R-Go Motorized Toolbox and Platform.

Rousseau is renowned for the quality of its projects, its focus on customer satisfaction, continuing education for staff, cutting-edge equipment, its reliable and flexible manufacturing processes, and much more, while remaining committed to environmental protection. 

You can find a link to customize your own cabinet or workstation here.


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