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Made in Canada - Environize

Based in London, Ontario, EnviroNize® is a professional Canadian manufacturing and distribution company whose mission is to deliver superior products, technologies, services, and solutions in innovative, sustainable and cost-effective ways.

EnviroNize® has emerged as the leading Canadian producer and brand of pure Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL). HOCL (Hypochlorous acid) is a naturally occurring substance that white blood cells produce to help fight off infections. HOCI is in your body right now! While it is strong enough to destroy dangerous organisms, HOCI is gentle enough to not harm other cells. As a result, it makes for the perfect sanitizing and disinfecting solution in all environments. HOCL is created by electrolyzing salt water - a simple environmentally friendly process that produces a safe and effective solution !

Proud of its inherent attributes, the EnviroNize® brand of HOCL (called Anolyte) has also been certified as an "Approved Input" to be used in the production and disinfection process of organic, sustainable products and proudly made in Canada! Electrolyzed water is a proven, safe and effective alternative to harsh chemical cleaners & disinfectants. 

"Every day brings new choices. Today you need to choose SUSTAINABILITY."

Levac Supply Ltd. carries the EnviroNize® ULV Fogger, Anolyte Disinfectant and Catholyte Cleaner. Contact us today for a free demonstration!

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