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Made in Canada - Ronco Level 2 Disposable Masks

Founded in 1996, in Concord, Ontario, RONCO began manufacturing operations on one line of disposable gloves – the RONCO GOLD-TOUCH®. RONCO now owns and operates a 60,000 sq. ft. industrial warehouse and head office in Concord, supported by sales operations across North America as well as our international offices in South America, China and Malaysia.

RONCO has expanded its manufacturing capabilities from a single glove line to a complete range of personal protective equipment (PPE) and plastic products. During the pandemic, RONCO's ASTM Level 2 disposable face masks (RONCO#5622) have helped keep Canadians safe providing a consistent supply of face masks manufactured right here in Canada!

The Level 2 mask protection detail can be seen in comparison to Level 1 and Level 3 in the chart below.

As the Covid-19 variants continue to spread, wearing proper masks in public continues to be very important. Give us a call or come visit one of our locations to get set up with masks to protect you and those around you!


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