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Made in Canada - Superior Glove

Do you know where your health and safety supplies originate? At Levac Supply, we take pride in sourcing and supplying Canadian manufactured products to support our customer base

One of our key Canadian supplier partners is Superior Gloves based in Acton, Ontario. A century ago, Acton was home of the largest Tannery in the British Empire. An under-developed work glove manufacturer was purchased by Frank Geng in 1910 and he renamed it Superior Glove Works Ltd.

Frank had a vision to build the kind of hand-protection company that would go on to become the largest in the country. His own expertise in leather tanning put him ahead of the competition. Frank used bits of leather deemed useless by neighboring Beardmore Leather to create glove styles for farmers and factory workers. As business progressed, Frank added a tannery to further process the split leather supplied by Beardmore. By 1975, new technology developments created more opportunity for manufacturing gloves using materials other than leather. Rapidly evolving fiber technology led to a whole new generation of hand protection, which Superior eagerly adopted in order to keep up with increasingly sophisticated changes to workplace technology. 

In the process of expansion, Superior’s product range evolved from just five styles in 1961, to over 3,500 today. In a time when most manufacturing was being moved overseas, Superior Glove expanded operations into Eastern Canada. Superior's two plants in Newfoundland produce a whole new generation of string-knit gloves and sleeves and is the site of some of their best innovations.

There are nitrile dip and coating lines, PVC dotting lines, yarn development capability, and cleanroom laundry—making Superior the most flexible and vertically integrated North American glove manufacturer. The Acton headquarters features an in-house lab to test the latest designs.

Levac Supply Ltd. carries many of the different types of gloves available from Superior. See below for some of the high-quality gloves made right here in Canada!

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