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Winter is coming, so traction aides are here!

As November moves along, we are running out of "Fall" and getting closer to the official day of Winter(December 21st). This means the snow, sleet, or hail could start falling any day now.

Several outdoor work environments require the proper safety footwear and in many cases, supplemented by ice cleats to further prevent against slips and falls especially in snowy, icy conditions. Ice cleats have proven to be significantly effective in reducing the number of slips, falls and injuries when worn in outdoor work settings where Mother Nature can introduce dangerous and slick terrain.

In your everyday life, walking from your front door to your car, or walking into a store, would be situations where ice cleats would come in handy to avoid dangerous falls. There are many different brands and types of ice cleats that we carry at Levac Supply.

Ice cleats, while incredibly effective in helping you get a grip outdoors, pose challenges when shifting between indoor and outdoor settings where surfaces can be equally slick. Or for that matter, workers who spend their 9-5 entirely indoors and still require traction support without using metallic cleats that can scuff up flooring and potentially pose damage or additional safety hazards.

That’s where the new "spike less" traction aids come in.

Spike less traction aids ensures proper footing at all times and eliminates the risk of damaging floors and other surfaces.

Spike less traction aids are ideal for any worker alternating between indoor and outdoor settings, workers in slippery indoor settings such as food processing plants or emergency medical services, as well as workers who frequently need to climb ladders and want to avoid slips a spike may cause due to metal-on-metal friction. Transitioning from your car, to a parking lot, to into a store would be a breeze with spike less traction aids as well!

Levac Supply Ltd. now carries spike less traction aides available in S/M and L/XL. Give us a call today to get yours before the ice arrives!


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