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Levac Green

It's not easy being "Green". Unlike other companies, we don't avoid trying to be Green due to the "inconvenience" of it. Internally, we recycle everything down to our coffee grinds! Organizing proper recycling for one business reduces hundreds to thousands of bags of garbage from going into the local dump every year.

Many of the products we sell are sustainable as well. Did you know that brands like Milwaukee offer repair of the tools instead of just throwing them out? We also offer recalibration and recertification of products like torque wrenches and harnesses.

Purchasing products made locally also cuts down on pollution from shipping across the Pacific and cross-border transportation. We have hundreds of items made right here in Ontario!

Here at Levac, we do emergency spill clean-up and help contain dangerous chemicals and properly dispose of hazardous waste. Environmental assessments and audits are also available for your business.

In 2020, we took our Health & Safety training online! Providing courses online reduces transportation emissions of students and instructors, while cutting down on paper waste.

 Every year, Levac tries to improve our sustainability plan and also provide more products that have less environmental impact. It's not easy being Green, but it is worth it for us all.

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