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Made in Canada - Lloyd's Insect Repellent

Lloyds Laboratories was founded in Toronto in 1919 as a manufacturer of quality, unique cleaning and lubricating products with a vision to the future and a responsibility to the environment. 
Now headquartered in Peterborough, Lloyd's is a ECOLOGO® certified manufacturer, and has over 50 products that are approved and accepted for use in many areas, including food establishments. The products meet the stringent international standards to be environmentally sustainable with minimal aquatic toxicity.

Levac Supply's Summer 2021 Flyer features Lloyd's six-ounce, ready to use insect repellant. It is low odor and high strength, the active ingredient is 25% DEET, and it effectively repels ticks, mosquitos, fleas, flies, gnats, and mites.

With the weather going back and forth between hot/humid and rainy/humid, our great outdoors are the perfect breeding ground for many of the bugs this repellent protects against. Ticks are once again rampant this year, with some carrying Lyme disease. Before heading out on your summer camping trip, hike in the forest, or to walk in any grassy or bushy areas, make sure to spray yourself - front and back. Walk in the centre of trails and avoid high grass and leaf litter.

Ticks may be carried into the house on clothing. Any ticks that are found should be removed. Tumble dry clothes in a dryer on high heat for 10 minutes to kill ticks on dry clothing after you come indoors. If the clothes are damp, additional time may be needed. If the clothes require washing first, hot water is recommended. Cold and medium temperature water will not kill ticks.

Always check your entire body for ticks using a hand-held or full-length mirror, and shower immediately after being outdoors. Showering within two hours of coming indoors has been shown to reduce your risk of getting Lyme disease and may be effective in reducing the risk of other tick borne diseases. Showering may help wash off unattached ticks.

Ticks can ride into the home on clothing and pets, then attach to a person later, so make sure to carefully examine pets, coats, and daypacks.


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