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Made in Canada - Gray Tools

Founded in Toronto in 1912 by Alex Gray I, Gray Tools has been a leader for over 100 years in industrial quality hand tools.
Gray tools are manufactured at their facility in Brampton, Ontario, which is also the location of their head office. Along with Brampton, Gray also has a warehouse in Edmonton, Alberta.

Alex travelled the world for many years before settling in Toronto. During his travels, he met a wide variety of tradesmen who earned their living with their hands and their tools every single day. He quickly learned that the quality of a man's work and his choice of tools were the difference between prosperity and poverty.

In 1912, he decided to establish Gray Tools and began manufacturing hand tools specifically for the accomplished professional. His early experiences taught him the value of maintaining close relationships with the users and the resellers who served them. 

The values of Gray Tools heavily align with our values here at Levac Supply. We are dedicated to ensuring quality products while building solid relationships with customers, vendors, and everyone we speak with.

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