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Staying Hydrated with Sqwincher!

Staying properly hydrated when you are busy can be difficult. Here at Levac Supply, we have a product that can help you with that! Introducing Sqwincher - a tasty water enhancer that provides you with everything your body needs to stay hydrated.

Founded in Columbus, MS, in 1975 The Sqwincher® Corporation spent the next 40 years primarily focusing on the industrial market.

Sqwincher® was acquired in 2015 by KENT Corporation. Their dedication to providing quality hydration products and convenient, innovative and economical packaging made them “The Drink of Industry®”.

The Sqwincher hydration solutions contain a balanced source of sodium & potassium – key electrolytes necessary to hydrate your body.

Proper hydration means the fluid level in your body is where it should be…balanced. When you’re dehydrated, your fluid level is off, throwing you off balance. Dehydration can be very dangerous and symptoms of dehydration include fatigue, bad breath, headaches, lightheadedness and muscle cramps. So how does your body keep this balance? With a lot of help from the brain and a process called homeostasis. Here’s how it works. Your body has a special receptor that detects the changes happening inside of you.

When thirsty, you may be tempted to reach for a juice product or carbonated drink. These are not beneficial for re-hydration as they contain lots of added sugar, sodium, calories and saturated fat. Caffeinated drinks can also assist in dehydrating you. Therefore, avoid coffee, black teas, colas and energy drinks when feeling thirsty.

When the body perspires it loses key electrolytes that water alone doesn’t contain. Your body needs these Electrolytes to keep it stable and functioning properly. That’s where Sqwincher® comes in. Sqwincher® hydration solutions quickly replace lost fluids containing sodium & potassium, key electrolytes needed to keep the body hydrated, and exactly what your body needs to keep it working well and in tip-top shape.

Sqwincher is available at Levac Supply in a convenient Qwik Stik® - a powder that is easily poured into your personal water bottle. We also carry it in a 64oz concentrate in both regular and sugar free format. An array of flavours provide a large choice of flavour profiles for a tasty hydration experience.

Stay safe, stay cool and stay hydrated !


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