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Knowledge, Service

& Solutions with Impact


Hand & Precision Tools

Allen Keys Ammeters Awls
Axes Benders Bits
Bolt Cutters Box Wrenches Brushes
Bung Wrenches Cable Cutters Chisels
Clamps Combination Wrenches Door Pulls
Drawer Slides Electrical Components Fish Tapes
Fuses Gear Pullers Glass Cutters
Glue Guns Hacksaws Hammers
Hand Tools Hasps Hex Key Sets
Hinges Hole Punches Ice Scrapers
Impact Sockets Inspection Mirrors Instrumentation
Knives Magnifiers Multimeters
Nonsparking Tools Nut Driver Sets Open-End Wrenches
Picks Pinch Bars Pipe Cutters
Pipe Wrenches Pliers Pouches
Probes Pry Bars Pullers
Punches Putty Knives Radiator Brushes
Rakes Ratchets Retrieving Tools
Riveters Scissors Scrapers
Screwdrivers Shears Shovels
Snips Strap Cutters Sockets
Soldering Equipment Spades Spanner Wrenches
Stamps Staplers Tack Pullers
Tin Snips Tongs Tool Boxes
Tool Pouches Torches Torque Wrenches
Torx Keys and Drivers Trowels Tubing Tools
Tweezers Twisted Wire Brushes Vise Grips
Vises Voltage Meters Wedges
Window Hardware Wire Strippers Wire Wheel Brushes
Wood Chisels Woodworking Tools Wrecking Bars


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